Here’s what people are saying:

“To encourage Wellness activities in our work environment, we held a six-week program to revive our bodies with physical and mental activities. The grand finale event was a day of on-site chair massages for our staff. Energy at Work Massage was a great partner for us. Kecia and her team were very professional and willing to assist us in planning the day in a way that would be most relaxing and convenient for our staff. We received only excellent feedback from each individual who received treatment. We have recommended Energy at Work Massage to other departments and will continue to do so.”

Melanie Gareau – HR Department Crown corporation

“We had Kecia and her team come in to treat our staff for Employee Appreciation day and I don’t think we could have offered them anything they would have enjoyed more. Every session had one more smiling employee gushing about how wonderful the massage was that they’d just received – There were even a few comments about how this was the best massage they’d every had!! We will definitely be having the Energy at Work team back again!”

Kareen – CREO Marketing


“As part of the Healthy Workplace initiative at my workplace, Energy at Work Massage is a welcome addition to the program. As library staff, we sit. Alot. And in terms of myself, a severe migraine sufferer, having massage every month at work, even for 15 minutes, is TRULY beneficial. The only downside: they don’t come nearly often enough. ūüôā Weekly would be FANTASTIC.” 1/25/2017

Sherri – Library Technician


“Working with Kecia and the Energy at Work Massage team was nothing short of a great experience. Kecia was great to get in touch with us very quickly, understand what we were looking for, and provide us with several service options. My team is coming up on the busiest time of year and they all agreed that this was exactly what they needed beforehand – and that we should do it again somewhere in the middle. Kecia and the other practitioners really spoke to us on how serious and passionate they are for the well-being of people, and how important this kind of service is for our employees; I couldn’t agree more. We were so happy with the experience that we have shared Energy at Work Massage info across our national company.”¬†16/11/2016

Mark – Supervisor, Federal Client Service Team


‚ÄúWe have Energy at Work Massage come to our workplace on a regular basis, and they are absolutely excellent!¬† Not only is the massage relaxing and invigorating at the same time, but the practitioner’s manner is soothing and professional.¬† This is a convenient service, and I highly recommend it!

Karen – Library Cataloguer – Ottawa


“Even ten minutes in the chair is enough to feel the difference! I love this massage – felt very relaxed and light. Unwinding like this is beneficial to body and mind. Kecia is totally professional and did a great job.”

Irene – Ottawa, ON


“I am the Live Well Rep for the Ottawa office of an international company. We recently invited Energy at Work Massage to our office to perform chair massage for our employees at a Live Well event. Everyone raved about the quality of the massage. There were even some individuals who had never experienced massage and are now converts after spending a few minutes with Kecia and benefiting from the effects of a great massage. We will definitely have Energy at Work Massage back again!”

Heike – Ottawa, ON

“As a manager, I invited Energy at Work Massage on numerous occasions over a 6 year period to give chair massages to my staff. They thoroughly enjoyed the massage and always looked forward to her next visit to our office. It was a great perk, made the staff happy and eased everybody’s sore backs and shoulders.”

Denise, Parole Board Canada – Ottawa, ON


“Absolutely wonderful! Relaxing and very comfortable. Kecia has a very soothing manner – a great way to lose track of time and feel revitalized as well!”

Karen РOttawa, ON


“I enjoyed having the massage. I felt satisfied with the therapist who was excellent. Also, it is very convenient to have massage therapy on-site.”

Judith – Ottawa, ON


“I am always invigorated and relaxed when the massage is done. ¬†It helps me compensate for the stress of computer-based work requirements.”

Laurie РOttawa, ON


“As thorough as it was relaxing. Spent extra time on the troubling spots without asking (or being told what they were)!”

James – Ottawa, ON


“Providing chair massage not only creates a rewarding work environment but it also reminds the staff we care about them. It provides a positive work environment that boosts productivity and moral. Interactions between staff improve. People feel good and positive which has direct benefit in many aspects of the office. It is the little things that go a long way!”

Mary –¬†manager at a communications company – Ottawa, ON


“Massage days are fun! I love coming to work when I know we have those days as a treat. Sometimes I find it hard to work it into the 10 minute break time but it is definitely a nice way to spend a break. Always makes the day fly by, and I usually feel 10 times better in certain areas of pain!

Sacha – Ottawa, ON


“I really look forward to massage days at work. Having a massage helps my body and mind relax before heading back to work. There are definitely some extra smiles around the workplace on massage day. Thank you Kecia for the fabulous massages and delightful conversation! ”

Laura – Ottawa, ON


“Kecia has a powerful healer’s intuition and a gentle, kind spirit. She helped me through some big emotional blocks that I didn’t realize were there using EFT and skillful coaching. With tears of gratitude, thank you!”

Rachel РCA, USA


“I was experiencing painful tendinitis in both my arms which could not¬†be managed currently by physio and chiro. Kecia was able to help me with her expertise,¬†knowledge and successful treatment. Her approach is very holistic. I felt so much better after being in her care. The pain has diminished¬†on one side and completely gone on the other.¬† And I slept through the night which I haven’t done for months. I recommend Kecia to anyone who experiences any kind of¬† pain, discomfort and/or imbalance in their lives.¬†Thank you Kecia.”